Integrated DNA Technologies Acquires ArcherDX Next Generation Sequencing Research Assays from Invitae Corporation (Integrated DNA Technologies Press Release)
"Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc....announced it closed on the purchase of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) research assays from Invitae Corporation (NYSE: NVTA) under the trademarked name Archer. The integration of IDT’s portfolio with the acquired NGS research assays—which have been foundational in researching novel cancer fusions—will empower labs with an all-in-one solution to uncover biomarkers and advance cancer discoveries. The transaction enables IDT to expand its existing operations, build upon the legacy Archer portfolio, and welcome more than 100 new associates globally....Transaction Details-IDT purchased Archer NGS research assays—which reported high double-digit growth since 2019—from Invitae for cash consideration of approximately $48 million, subject to certain adjustments. The transaction is structured as an asset deal and includes a license to intellectual property related to the AMP technology."
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