FusionPlex® Dx is an RNA-based targeted gene panel for detecting biomarkers implicated in the most prevalent solid tumors, especially non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The panel covers ESMO-recommended targets including MET, NTRK1-3, ALK, ROS1, and RET, in addition to pan-tumor comprehensive genomic profiling, and provides highly actionable and quick therapy guidance. Coverage also includes 41 analytical biomarkers, such as FGFR1-3 and NRG1, plus additional key biomarkers to advance precision oncology by providing broader therapy options and optimal clinical trial enrollment. The panel is validated for use on Illumina® MiSeqDx and Illumina NextSeq 550Dx sequencers. It is powered by Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) target enrichment chemistry to detect fusions in a single sequencing product, even without prior knowledge of fusion partners or breakpoints.
Non Small Cell Lung Cancer, Solid Tumor
ALK (Anaplastic lymphoma kinase), AR (Androgen receptor), AXL (AXL Receptor Tyrosine Kinase), BRAF (B-raf proto-oncogene), BRD4 (Bromodomain Containing 4), DNAJB1 (DnaJ Heat Shock Protein Family (Hsp40) Member B1)
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Comprehensive Genomic Profiling