Ambry Genetics announces a collaboration with Tempus to advance paired germline and somatic testing services for medical oncologists (Ambry Genetics Press Release)
"Ambry Genetics...and Tempus...announced today that they have entered into a strategic collaboration to offer best-in-class, comprehensive, germline and somatic testing services...As part of the agreement, Ambry is performing germline sequencing assays for Tempus, powered by Ambry’s CancerNext®️ and CancerNext-Expanded®️ assays...Tempus’ xG and xG+ germline assays are a part of Tempus' extensive portfolio of oncology-focused testing solutions that maximize biomarker detection and identify actionable variants linked to targeted therapy and clinical trial options."
Licensing / partnership
CancerNext ® • CancerNext-Expanded® • Tempus xG