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Konica Minolta

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INTERACT coalition formed to advance patient access to genetic testing for hereditary cancer risk (PRNewswire)
"Leading commercial organizations and patient advocacy groups in the field of cancer genetics...announced the founding of the Inter-Organization Cancer Genetics Clinical Evidence Coalition (INTERACT), a coalition whose mission is to increase evidence-based access to genetic testing for people with or at risk of hereditary cancers...The coalition seeks to provide a collective voice in support of the progression of medical professional and industry guidelines for genetic testing for inherited mutations that increase cancer risk."
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Ambry Genetics announces a collaboration with Tempus to advance paired germline and somatic testing services for medical oncologists (Ambry Genetics Press Release)
"Ambry Genetics...and Tempus...announced today that they have entered into a strategic collaboration to offer best-in-class, comprehensive, germline and somatic testing services...As part of the agreement, Ambry is performing germline sequencing assays for Tempus, powered by Ambry’s CancerNext®️ and CancerNext-Expanded®️ assays...Tempus’ xG and xG+ germline assays are a part of Tempus' extensive portfolio of oncology-focused testing solutions that maximize biomarker detection and identify actionable variants linked to targeted therapy and clinical trial options."
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CancerNext ® • CancerNext-Expanded® • Tempus xG
Ambry Genetics unveils at ASHG new insights on the use of multiomic testing in 43,000 patient study (Ambry Genetics Press Release)
"Ambry Genetics,...a subsidiary of REALM IDx, Inc., unveiled at the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) annual meeting results of a study published in JAMA Oncology that assessed the cumulative impact of paired DNA and RNA testing on detecting disease-causing germline genetic variants and resolution of variants of uncertain significance (VUS)...These findings signify a shift in the field of cancer predisposition, particularly towards the utilization of multiomics genetic testing, providing individuals with more reliable and actionable information, without sacrificing turnaround time."
Clinical data
REALM IDx announces national health coverage of GenMineTOP™ Cancer Genome Profiling System in Japan (Businesswire)
"REALM IDx, Inc...announced...that GenMineTOP Cancer Genome Profiling System...has been awarded national health coverage in Japan and will begin full commercial launch of contract testing with strategic partner, LSI Medicine Corporation...In the United States and global regions outside of Japan, the company will offer a research-use version of GenMineTOP for clinical research and the investigation of new targeted therapies for cancer treatment."
Launch • Reimbursement
GenMineTOP Cancer Genome Profiling System
LifeStrands Genomics and Ambry Genetics to provide laboratory testing for Clinical Implementation Pilots in Phase II of Singapore’s National Precision Medicine Programme (Ambry Genetics Press Release)
"LifeStrands Genomics and Ambry Genetics have joined forces to provide clinical genetic testing services in Singapore. Together, they have been chosen to support the Clinical Implementation Pilots (CIPs) for Phase II of Singapore’s National Precision Medicine (NPM) programme through an open tender commissioned by Precision Health Research, Singapore (PRECISE) – the central entity implementing NPM...As part of the agreement, LifeStrands will provide the testing menu from Ambry Genetics and sequence the samples in its accredited laboratory, while Ambry Genetics will provide data interpretation and reporting."
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SOPHiA GENETICS and REALM IDx sign letter of intent to collaborate in accelerating cancer research (SOPHiA GENETICS Press Release)
"SOPHiA GENETICS...and REALM IDx announced today that they signed a letter of intent to collaborate in the co-development of novel genomic applications and commercialization of multi-modal applications. Together, the companies aim to expand next-generation sequencing (NGS) research for cancer care and develop new multi-modal data streams to improve patient outcomes...Assessments can leverage TumorNEXT-HRD, a product of Ambry Genetics, a subsidiary of REALM IDx. SOPHiA GENETICS and REALM IDx also expect to explore the potential for increasing diagnostic insights by combining Ambry Genetics’ Variant Assessment database (AVA) with SOPHiA GENETICS’ SOPHiA DDM (Data-Driven Medicine) platform for HRD detection."
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