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Konica Minolta

Other names: Invicro | Ambry Genetics | Konica Minolta | Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc. | Ambry Genetics Corporation | Konica Minolta, Inc. | Konica Minolta Inc. | Konica Minolta Inc | Konica Minolta Medical Imaging, USA | Konika Minoruta | Konica Minolta Precision Medicine | REALM IDx, Inc | REALM IDx, Inc. | REALM IDx Inc | REALM IDx Inc.
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SOPHiA GENETICS and REALM IDx sign letter of intent to collaborate in accelerating cancer research (SOPHiA GENETICS Press Release)
"SOPHiA GENETICS...and REALM IDx announced today that they signed a letter of intent to collaborate in the co-development of novel genomic applications and commercialization of multi-modal applications. Together, the companies aim to expand next-generation sequencing (NGS) research for cancer care and develop new multi-modal data streams to improve patient outcomes...Assessments can leverage TumorNEXT-HRD, a product of Ambry Genetics, a subsidiary of REALM IDx. SOPHiA GENETICS and REALM IDx also expect to explore the potential for increasing diagnostic insights by combining Ambry Genetics’ Variant Assessment database (AVA) with SOPHiA GENETICS’ SOPHiA DDM (Data-Driven Medicine) platform for HRD detection."
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PRECEDE Consortium Announces Konica Minolta Precision Medicine as its Precision Health Partner to Advance its Mission to Increase Survival Rates for Patients with Pancreatic Cancer (PRNewswire)
"The PRECEDE Consortium (PRECEDE) and Konica Minolta Precision Medicine, Inc. (KMPM) announced today that KMPM and its subsidiaries, Ambry Genetics and Invicro, have joined as partners to bring a novel integrated diagnostic approach to support PRECEDE's mission for increasing survival rates for pancreatic cancer patients through early detection...Together, KMPM and PRECEDE Consortium will bring their expertise and resources in genetic testing, pathology, and imaging to determine who is at an elevated risk for developing pancreatic cancer..."
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Ambry Genetics, Lightbeam Health Solutions form genetic testing data partnership (Precision Oncology News)
"Lightbeam Health Solutions...has partnered with Ambry Genetics to provide genetic testing data to help organizations predict patients' increased risk for common cancers and chronic conditions...The collaboration is expected to produce tools for early detection and prevention that will allow clinicians to quickly identify, assess, and engage patients who meet specific risk factors."
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