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CINtec® PLUS Cytology

FDA Approved
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CINtec® PLUS Cytology is a triage test for cervical cancer screening, and the only test that uses dual-biomarker technology to simultaneously detect p16INK4a and Ki-67 proteins to provide a strong indicator of the presence of transforming HPV infections. CINtec® PLUS Cytology objectively resolves LSIL and ASC-US Pap cytology, allowing laboratory professionals to help physicians be certain they are only recommending follow-up for patients who can benefit the most. The test is used for women 25 – 65 years old who have tested positive for HPV. The test is also used for women 30 – 65 years old who tested negative with the Pap test and positive for the HPV.
Cervical Cancer
Immunohistochemistry (IHC)