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TPM3-NTRK1 fusion

Other names: TPM3, Tropomyosin 3, Tropomyosin Alpha-3 Chain, Tropomyosin-5, Epididymis Secretory Sperm Binding Protein Li 82p, Heat-Stable Cytoskeletal Protein 30 KDa, Alpha-Tropomyosin, Slow Skeletal, Epididymis Luminal Protein 189, Cytoskeletal Tropomyosin TM30, Tropomyosin Gamma, Gamma-Tropomyosin , Tropomyosin 3 Nu, Tropomyosin-3, OK/SW-Cl.5, HEL-S-82p, HEL-189, TM30nm, TPM3nu, TPMsk3 , Hscp30, CAPM1, CFTD, TM-5, TM30, NEM1, HTM5, TM3, TM5, TRK, NTRK1, MTC, TRK, TRKA, Neurotrophic tyrosine kinase, recept
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