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Sensitive: D – Preclinical

Anticancer efficacy of KRASG12C inhibitors is potentiated by PAK4 inhibitor KPT9274 in preclinical models of KRASG12C mutant pancreatic and lung cancers

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...we evaluated the combination of the PAK4 inhibitor KPT9274 and KRASG12C inhibitors in preclinical models of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)….In a PDAC cell line-derived xenograft (CDX) model, the combination of a sub-optimal dose of KPT9274 with sotorasib significantly reduced the tumor burden (P = 0.002). Similarly, potent antitumor efficacy was observed in an NSCLC CDX model, in which KPT9274, given as maintenance therapy, prevented tumor relapse following the discontinuation of sotorasib treatment (P = 0.0001). Moreover, the combination of KPT9274 and sotorasib enhances survival. In conclusion, this is the first study to demonstrate that KRASG12C inhibitors can synergize with the PAK4 inhibitor KPT9274 and combining KRASG12C inhibitors with KPT9274 can lead to remarkably enhanced antitumor activity and survival benefit...