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DDB1 overexpression

Other names: DDB1, Damage Specific DNA Binding Protein 1, Xeroderma Pigmentosum Group E-Complementing Protein, UV-Damaged DNA-Binding Protein 1, UV-Damaged DNA-Binding Factor, DNA Damage-Binding Protein 1, DNA Damage-Binding Protein A, HBV X-Associated Protein 1, XPE-Binding Factor, DDB P127 Subunit, UV-DDB 1, XPE-BF , XAP-1, XAP1, Damage-Specific DNA Binding Protein 1, 127kDa, Damage-Specific DNA Binding Protein 1 (127kD), Damage-Specific DNA-Binding Protein 1, UV-DDB1, DDBA, XPCE, DDBa, XPCe, XPE
Entrez ID: