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NuProbe BDA technology enables highly sensitive detection of low-level variants for oncology research (NuProbe Press Release)
"NuProbe...recently published research demonstrating capabilities of their blocker displacement amplification (BDA) technology for detection of a JAK2 mutation using qPCR. The research, done in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic, demonstrated concordance of the BDA technology to NGS and ddPCR and detection to 0.05% allele fraction."
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Bio-Rad and NuProbe enter into an exclusive licensing agreement for digital PCR applications (GlobeNewswire)
"Bio-Rad Laboratories...and NuProbe USA...today announced the signing of a licensing and product development agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, NuProbe USA will exclusively license its allele enrichment technologies to Bio-Rad for the development of multiplexed digital PCR assays. This technology will help to advance Bio-Rad’s menu of products in oncology, where highly sensitive and multiplexed mutation detection assays aid translational research, therapy selection and disease monitoring."
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Bio-Rad laboratories, NuProbe USA ink licensing and development agreement (Genomeweb)
"Bio-Rad Laboratories and NuProbe USA announced on Friday that they have signed a licensing and development agreement for NuProbe's Blocker Displacement Amplification technology for allele enrichment...Under the terms of the agreement, NuProbe will exclusively license its allele enrichment technologies to Bio-Rad for the development of multiplexed digital PCR assays."
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NuProbe published method for designing highly multiplex PCR primer sets (NuProbe Press Release)
"Houston, April 19th / NuProbe...announces its recent publication in Nature Communications describing a massively multiplexed PCR primer design algorithm, named Simulated Annealing Design using Dimer Likelihood Estimation (SADDLE). The SADDLE algorithm is applicable to both real-time quantitation PCR (qPCR) assays and to next generation sequencing (NGS) panels. Unlike other highly multiplexed PCR approaches, NuProbe’s SADDLE approach uses computational primer design to minimize primer-dimer formation, and thus does not require enzymatic primers and primer-dimer removal. The publication demonstrated proof-of-concept experimental results in oncology, but the same approach could in principle be applied to a wide variety of clinical genomics applications including in infectious diseases and hereditary diseases."
NuProbe Technology enables accurate quantitation of mutations below 0.01% VAF using low-depth sequencing (NuProbe Press Release)
"NuProbe scientists and collaborators recently announced research demonstrating the accurate quantitation of somatic mutations below 0.01% variant allele frequency (VAF). By integrating molecular barcoding technology with the Blocker Displacement Amplification (BDA) allele enrichment, the team invented the new quantitative BDA (QBDA) method that overcomes potential biases in BDA to enable accurate VAF quantitation. The findings, published in Nature Communications, are the latest research developed by NuProbe for molecular detection of minimal residual disease (MRD) for cancer applications."
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NuProbe Technology showcases quantitative PCR for simultaneous enrichment and identification of multiple rare variants below 0.1% VAF (NuProbe Press Release)
"NuProbe...published research demonstrating new technology to qualitatively and quantitively detect multiple low-frequency variants in one quantitative PCR (qPCR) reaction. The new allele-specific BDA technology (As-BDA) uses qPCR to detect mutations down to 0.01% variant allele fraction (VAF) within 2 hrs...As-BDA identifies variants with high sensitivity and specificity, making it advantageous and potential in non-invasive mutation profiling with liquid biopsy for cancer diagnosis and monitoring, where mutation VAF is usually very low."
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NuProbe QASeq technology enables simultaneous ultrasensitive detection of CNVs and mutations from FFPE tissue and cfDNA (NuProbe Press Release)
"NuProbe...announced new published data in Nature Communications describing the use of Quantitative Amplicon Sequencing (QASeq) to simultaneously detect copy number variations (CNVs) and mutations from the same sample. The results show detection of CNVs down to 5% heterozygous single copy gain or loss, and mutations down to 0.1% variant allele frequency (VAF), from both formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples and from cell-free DNA (cfDNA) samples."
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C2i Genomics expands AI-powered cancer detection and monitoring capabilities in US and China through partnership with NuProbe (NuProbe Press Release)
"C2i Genomics...today announced its technology co-development and expansion into China via a strategic partnership with NuProbe Global, a genomics and molecular diagnostics company specializing in ultrasensitive sequencing panels. The strategic alliance will power high-impact pharmaceutical and diagnostic services, leveraging C2i Genomics’ artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cancer intelligence platform across NuProbe’s chemistry products and sequencing networks in both China and the United States...As part of this collaboration, NuProbe and C2i will engage in the co-development of chemistry and software products that will expand the traditional whole-genome library preparation to include additional signal enrichment for cancer hotspots, Microsatellite instability (MSI) and fusions."
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