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Sensitive: C4 – Case Studies

MRTX1719 is an MTA-cooperative PRMT5 inhibitor that exhibits synthetic lethality in preclinical models and patients with MTAP deleted cancer

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A 70-year-old male diagnosed with epithelioid malignant mesothelioma...Next-generation sequencing (NGS) demonstrated homozygous MTAP–CDKN2A–CDKN2B deletion and homozygous BAP1 deletion….The patient was administered MRTX1719...The first on-study disease assessment at cycle 2 day 20 demonstrated a reduction in the size of all five target lesions, with an overall 33.3% reduction by RECIST. Subsequent disease assessments at cycle 4 day 20 and cycle 6 day 21 showed continued RECIST-defined partial response with 50.1% and 56.1% reduction in target lesions, respectively, despite the dose interruption (Fig. 6). The patient remains on study through cycle 8.