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CBFA2T3 - GLIS2 fusion

Other names: GLIS2, GLIS Family Zinc Finger 2, Neuronal Krueppel-Like Protein, Zinc Finger Protein GLIS2, Nephrocystin-7, GLI-Similar 2, NPHP7, NKL, Kruppel-Like Zinc Finger Protein GLIS2, Gli-Similar 2, CBFA2T3, CBFA2/RUNX1 Partner Transcriptional Co-Repressor 3, ZMYND4, MTG16, MTGR2, Core-Binding Factor, Runt Domain, Alpha Subunit 2; Translocated To, 3, Myeloid Translocation Gene On Chromosome 16 Protein, Zinc Finger MYND Domain-Containing Protein 4, Myeloid Translocation Gene 8 And 16b, CBFA2/RUNX1 Transl
Entrez ID: