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Laboratory Developed Test
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PRAME (preferentially expressed antigen in melanoma) is a cancer test for an antigen gene that is not expressed at appreciable levels in normal adult tissues, but its expression can become aberrantly increased in some types of cancer, including sarcoma, hematological malignancies, breast cancer, and melanoma. While the exact mechanism of PRAME in these cancers is under investigation, PRAME can repress retinoic acid signaling and thus affect proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis. Once expressed, the PRAME protein can be processed and presented on the surface of cells, thereby serving as a potential target for therapeutic intervention. There are PRAME-directed therapies being tested in clinical trials for multiple cancer types.
Uveal Melanoma
BAP1 (BRCA1 Associated Protein 1), PRAME (Preferentially Expressed Antigen In Melanoma), SF3B1 (Splicing Factor 3b Subunit 1)