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Other names: Nonacus | Nonacus Limited | Nonacus Ltd | Nonacus Ltd.
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Nonacus launches test for comprehensive genomic profiling, integrated with bioinformatics and analysis software (Nonacus Press Release)
"Nonacus, has launched GALEASTM Tumor, a next generation sequencing (NGS) test that provides comprehensive genomic profiling of tumors, allowing clinicians to accurately diagnose cancers and tailor treatments."
New genetic test to speed up and streamline diagnosis of inherited cancers (Nonacus Press Release)
"Nonacus has launched its latest next generation sequencing (NGS) test in the GALEAS product range – the GALEAS Hereditary Plus panel – which provides laboratories and clinicians with a comprehensive and streamlined way to diagnose patients with cancer that is caused by inherited genetic mutations."
Nonacus invests in early cancer detection start-up CanSense (Nonacus Press Release)
"Nonacus is delighted to announce its investment in CanSense: a Swansea-based start-up company focused on the early detection of bowel cancer through a simple blood test...Alongside Nonacus' investment, CanSense has also raised funds from Mercia and the Development Bank of Wales, with this investment enabling the company to further develop the product and carry out clinical trials to meet regulatory requirements and bring it to market."
Nonacus launches GALEAS® Bladder, a novel test for the non-invasive detection of bladder cancer (EIN News)
"Nonacus...will launch GALEAS® Bladder, a novel test for the non-invasive detection of bladder cancer at the European Association of Urology (EAU) Annual Meeting, taking place in Milan, March 10-13th 2023...Developed in collaboration with Professor Rik Bryan and Dr Doug Ward at the University of Birmingham UK, GALEAS® Bladder has been validated in over 600 patient samples from 3 UK clinical cohorts. Analyses confirmed the performance of GALEAS® Bladder, showing high diagnostic accuracy (sensitivity >90%, specificity >85%) and good performance across all grades and stages of bladder cancer."
GALEAS® Bladder
Liquid Biopsy specialist Nonacus launches smaller custom panels for cost-effective detection of minimal residual disease (EIN News)
"Nonacus Ltd...has launched the Cell3™ Target: Custom MRD Panel for rapid and cost-effective minimal residual disease (MRD) detection and longitudinal monitoring...The new solution provides a seamless way to design, verify and manufacture smaller, targeted panels (50-100 probes and 101-500 probes) that allow multiple tumor-specific mutations to be sequenced to an extremely high depth of coverage."
Cell3™ Target becomes the first pan-cancer NGS panel for liquid biopsy profiling of childhood cancer (Nonacus Press Release)
"We've created the first pan-cancer DNA sequencing panel that we know to be optimised for cell free DNA (cfDNA) in paediatric solid tumours...a group at the Institute of Cancer Research recently published the validation of a pan-cancer sequencing panel for liquid biopsy molecular diagnostics which could be used to profile tumor DNA in the blood of paediatric cancer patients. This opens up the possibility to routinely sample patients, monitoring their response to treatment and following their disease progression to detect relapse as early as possible."
Birmingham University and Nonacus partner to develop urine test for bladder cancer (Nonacus Press Release)
"Last July we announced that Nonacus and the University of Birmingham had partnered to develop a non-invasive test for bladder cancer...The latest data shows that the urine test was able to successfully detect 144 out of the 165 people with bladder cancer that had experience haematuria. The test showed an overall sensitivity of 87.3% – a measure of how often a test correctly generates a positive result for people who had bladder cancer – and a specificity of 84.8% – a measure of the test’s ability to correctly generate a negative result for people who didn’t have bladder cancer."
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