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Atila Biosystems

Other names: Atila Biosystems | Atila BioSystems, Inc. | Atila BioSystems, Inc | Atila BioSystems Inc. | Atila BioSystems Inc | AtilaBiosystems
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Stilla Technologies and Atila BioSystems to Co-Develop High-Plex Digital PCR Kits for Oncology (Businesswire)
"Stilla Technologies and Atila BioSystems today announced an agreement to market digital PCR kits and assays produced by Atila BioSystems for use on the naica® system (Stilla Technologies). The digital PCR kits, optimized specifically for use with the 6-color naica® system, will be utilized for the detection of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) from liquid biopsy samples taken from patients with high-occurring cancer indications such as breast, lung, melanoma, prostate, and colorectal cancers....The co-labeled digital PCR kits will be promoted globally by Atila and Stilla and will be designed For Research Use Only (RUO) applications."
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