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Resistant: C3 – Early Trials

High MYC Expression Predicts Poor Survival Outcomes in IDH1/2 Mutant AML Patients

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Evaluate if high MYC expression is associated with poor survival outcomes in IDH1/2mut AML patients treated with ivosidenib or enasidenib....The median PFS was shorter in high MYC patients (1.6 vs 4.4 months, HR=2.348, p=0.0515). The median OS was also significantly shorter in high MYC patients (2.5 vs 8.5 months, HR=5.971, p<0.0001)....High MYC expression was associated with significantly shorter PFS and OS in IDH1/2mut AML patients....this study suggests that MYC may play an important role in the resistance mechanism of IDH1/2 inhibitors.