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LBA39 - Personalized combination of neoadjuvant domatinostat, nivolumab (NIVO) and ipilimumab (IPI) in stage IIIB-D melanoma patients (pts) stratified according to the interferon-gamma signature (IFN-g sign): The DONIMI study

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At data cutoff (Jul 7, median FU 8.9 months), estimated 6-month RFS rate was 100% in IFN-γ sign high pts and 79.4% in IFN-γ sign low pts….Neoadj NIVO ± DOM ± IPI appears safe and feasible. DONIMI shows prospectively the discriminative ability of the IFN-γ sign algorithm. It adequately identified pts who can benefit from NIVO ± DOM alone (IFN-γ high pts) vs pts who might need an alternative scheme (IFN-γ low pts).
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