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CBFB-MYH11 fusion

Other names: CBFB, Core-Binding Factor Subunit Beta 2, SL3/AKV Core-Binding Factor Beta Subunit, SL3-3 Enhancer Factor 1 Subunit Beta, Core-Binding Factor Beta Subunit, PEBP2-Beta, PEA2-Beta, CBF-Beta, PEBP2B, Polyomavirus Enhancer Binding Protein 2, Beta Subunit, Polyomavirus Enhancer-Binding Protein 2 Beta Subunit, SL3-3 Enhancer Factor 1 Beta Subunit, Core-Binding Factor, Beta Subunit, CBFB, MYH11, Myosin Heavy Chain 11, SMMHC, Myosin, Heavy Polypeptide 11, Smooth Muscle, Myosin Heavy Chain, Smooth Muscle
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