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CAPRIN-1 expression

Other names: CAPRIN1, Cell Cycle Associated Protein 1, Caprin-1, RNG105, GPI-Anchored Membrane Protein 1, GPIAP1, M11S1, Cytoplasmic Activation- And Proliferation-Associated Protein 1, Cytoplasmic Activation/Proliferation-Associated Protein-1, Membrane Component Chromosome 11 Surface Marker 1, GPI-Anchored Protein P137, RNA Granule Protein 105, GPI-P137, GPIP137, P137GPI, Membrane Component, Chromosome 11, Surface Marker 1, Activation/Proliferation-Associated Protein 1, Cell Cycle-Associated Protein 1, Caprin 1, GRIP137
Entrez ID: