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BRCA1 2110_2111delAA + BRCA1 4071_4096 +14del40 + TP53 R342P + NOTCH2 Q1310H

Other names: BRCA1, BRCC1, PPP1R53, RNF53, Breast cancer 1, early onset, NOTCH2, Notch Receptor 2, Notch 2, Neurogenic Locus Notch Homolog Protein 2, Notch (Drosophila) Homolog 2, Notch Homolog 2, AGS2, TP53, Tumor Protein P53, Cellular Tumor Antigen P53, Phosphoprotein P53, Tumor Protein P53, Antigen NY-CO-13, Transformation-Related Protein 53, Mutant Tumor Protein 53, P53 Tumor Suppressor, Tumor Suppressor P53, Tumor Protein 53, BMFS5, TRP53, BCC7, LFS1
Entrez ID: