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Laboratory Developed Test
COLVERA is a Laboratory Developed Test supplied by Clinical Genomics Pathology Inc. a CLIA Certified, CAP-accredited laboratory in Bridgewater, NJ, USA. It detects two methylated (silenced) genes, BCAT1 and IKZF1, associated with colorectal tumor growth in circulating tumor DNA, a technology that has greater sensitivity for colorectal cancer than measuring for CEA, the current standard of care. By using COLVERA™ in combination with CEA, additional information will be provided that may help confidently manage patients and identify recurrent colorectal cancer before symptoms present.
Colorectal Cancer
BCAT1 (Branched Chain Amino Acid Transaminase 1 ), IKZF1 (IKAROS Family Zinc Finger 1)
Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA)