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Other names: SPTB, Spectrin Beta, Erythrocytic, Spectrin Beta Chain, Erythrocytic, Beta-I Spectrin, Spectrin Beta Chain, Erythrocyte, Spherocytosis, Clinical Type I, Membrane Cytoskeletal Protein, Spectrin Beta Tandil, Sp Beta, HSPTB1, SPTB1, SPH2, EL3, HS2, PRKCH, Protein Kinase C Eta, Protein Kinase C Eta Type, NPKC-Eta, PRKCL, PKC-L, PKCL, Protein Kinase C, Eta
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Related biomarkers:
[VIRTUAL] Preclinical evaluation of PRKC fusions and GNA11/GNAQ mutations as genetic drivers of PKC activation in non-MUM indications to support a phase 1/2 basket trial of IDE196 (AACR-II 2020)
Assessment of cell lines harboring GNAQ/GNA11 hotspot/non-hotspot mutations for IDE196 sensitivity is ongoing.(1) An-Angela N. Van, Timothy R. Baffi, Maya T. Kunkel, Corina E. Antal and Alexandra C. Newton, FASEB J. (2018); vol 32, suppl.no. 1, abstract 687.6.
P1/2 data • Pan tumor
GNAQ (G Protein Subunit Alpha Q) • GNA11 (G Protein Subunit Alpha 11) • HIF1A (Hypoxia inducible factor 1, alpha subunit) • PRKCH (Protein Kinase C Eta) • VWA2 (Von Willebrand Factor A Domain Containing 2)
GNAQ mutation • GNA11 mutation • PRKCH fusion • PRKCH-SPTB fusion
darovasertib (IDE196)