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CRKL mutation

Other names: CRKL, CRK Like Proto-Oncogene, Adaptor Protein, V-Crk Avian Sarcoma Virus CT10 Oncogene Homolog-Like, Crk-Like Protein
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Identification of CRKL as an oncogenic biomarker for prognosis and immunotherapy in melanoma, and its potential molecular mechanism. (PubMed, Genomics)
Furthermore, inhibiting CRKL expression in melanoma cell lines suppressed their proliferation and metastasis, as well as activated pyroptosis-related pathway. Our study provides important insights into the underlying mechanisms of melanoma pathogenesis and identifies new opportunities for targeted therapy in this disease.
Journal • Tumor mutational burden • PD(L)-1 Biomarker • IO biomarker
TMB (Tumor Mutational Burden) • CRKL (CRK Like Proto-Oncogene, Adaptor Protein)
CRKL mutation