CDK2 overexpression

Other names: CDK2, Cyclin-dependent kinase 2
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CDK12 promotes tumorigenesis but induces vulnerability to therapies inhibiting folate one-carbon metabolism in breast cancer. (PubMed, Nat Commun)
In a retrospective analysis of hormone receptor-negative and lymph node-positive breast cancer patients randomized in an adjuvant phase III trial to 1-year low-dose metronomic methotrexate-based chemotherapy or no maintenance chemotherapy, a high CDK12 status predicts a dramatic reduction in distant metastasis rate in the chemotherapy-treated vs. not-treated arm. Thus, by coupling tumor progression with metabolic reprogramming, CDK12 creates an actionable vulnerability for breast cancer therapy and might represent a suitable companion biomarker for targeted antimetabolite therapies in human breast cancers.
CDK12 (Cyclin dependent kinase 12)
HR negative • CDK2 overexpression