CDK12 deletion

Other names: CDK12, Cyclin Dependent Kinase 12, Cdc2-Related Kinase, Arginine/Serine-Rich, Cell Division Cycle 2-Related Protein Kinase 7, Cell Division Protein Kinase 12, CDC2-Related Protein Kinase 7, Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 12, CRKRS, CRK7, CDC2 Related Protein Kinase 7, HCDK12, CrkRS, CRKR
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In our analysis we show that a proportion of mCRPC patients harbor defects in CDK12, these are often alterations involving both alleles, likely present from the time of diagnosis. A majority of these CDK12 altered cancers has high CD3 infiltration compared to controls. We envision that these CDK12 aberrant ‘hot’ tumors could represent a subset of mCRPC likely to respond to immune-checkpoint inhibition.
Late-breaking abstract • IO biomarker
CD8 (cluster of differentiation 8) • CDK12 (Cyclin dependent kinase 12) • FOXP3 (Forkhead Box P3)
CDK12 mutation • CDK12 deletion
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