BCL3 overexpression

Other names: BCL3, BCL3 Transcription Coactivator, Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia Protein, B-Cell Lymphoma 3-Encoded Protein, B-Cell Leukemia/Lymphoma 3, B-Cell Lymphoma 3 Protein, B Cell CLL/Lymphoma 3, Proto-Oncogene BCL3, BCL4, BCL3, Transcription Coactivato
Entrez ID:
We demonstrate that Bcl3 impacts pancreatic carcinogenesis by restraining CSC expansion and by curtailing an aggressive and metastatic tumor burden in PDAC across species. Levels of BCL3 expression are a useful stratification marker predicting subtype characterization in PDAC thereby, allowing for personalized therapeutic approaches.
BCL3 (BCL3 Transcription Coactivator)
BCL3 overexpression
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