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ARID1B deletion

Other names: ARID1B, AT-Rich Interaction Domain 1B, AT-Rich Interactive Domain-Containing Protein 1B, AT Rich Interactive Domain 1B (SWI1-Like), ARID Domain-Containing Protein 1B, BRG1-Associated Factor 250b, BAF250B, P250R, DAN15, OSA2, BRG1-Binding Protein HELD/OSA1, BRG1-Binding Protein ELD/OSA1, ELD (Eyelid)/OSA Protein, Osa Homolog 2, ELD/OSA1, KIAA1235, BRIGHT, 6A3-5, MRD12, HOsa2, CSS1
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Differential roles of BAF and PBAF subunits, Arid1b and Arid2, in MLL-AF9 leukemogenesis. (PubMed, Leukemia)
Amongst the most highly dysregulated transcription factors upon their loss, Arid2 and Arid1b converged on the regulation of Etv4/Etv5, albeit in an opposing manner while also regulating distinct TFs including Gata2,Tcf4, Six4, Irf4 and Hmgn3. Our data demonstrate the differential roles of SWI/SNF subunits in AML leukemogenesis and emphasize that cellular context and disease stage are key in determining their functions during this process.
ARID1B (AT-Rich Interaction Domain 1B) • ARID2 (AT-Rich Interaction Domain 2) • GATA2 (GATA Binding Protein 2) • ETV5 (ETS Variant Transcription Factor 5) • IRF4 (Interferon regulatory factor 4) • ETV4 (ETS Variant Transcription Factor 4)
ARID1B deletion