AMHR2 expression

Other names: Anti-Mullerian Hormone Receptor Type 2, MISRII, MISR2, Muellerian Inhibiting Substance Type II Receptor, Anti-Muellerian Hormone Type II Receptor, Anti-Muellerian Hormone Type-2 Receptor, AMH Type II Receptor, MIS Type II Receptor, AMHR, MRII, Mullerian Inhibiting Substance Type II Receptor, Anti-Mullerian Hormone Receptor, Type II, Anti-Mullerian Hormone Receptor Type II, AMHR2
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Functional profiles of Müllerian inhibiting substance/anti-Müllerian hormone (MIS/AMH) in primarily cultured endometrial cancer cells. (PubMed, J Cancer)
MIS/AMH inhibits the growth of MIS/AMH receptor-expressing endometrial cancer cells through regulation of autophagy, apoptosis, and cell cycle pathways, as well as inhibition of Wnt signaling pathways. These data suggest that MIS/AMH functions as a tumor suppressor and may be an effective therapeutic agent in endometrial cancer.
CTNNB1 (Catenin (cadherin-associated protein), beta 1) • AMHR2 (Anti-Mullerian Hormone Receptor Type 2) • AXIN1 (Axin 1)
AMHR2 expression