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Other names: Viome | Viome, Inc. | Viome, Inc | Viome Inc
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Viome is partnering with Henry Schein to provide better access to Oral Health Pro™ with CancerDetect™ (PRNewswire)
"Viome...is partnering with Henry Schein to provide better access to Viome's Oral Health Pro™ With CancerDetect™. Viome's laboratory-developed test helps detect early biomarkers of oral and throat cancers, enhancing practitioners' ability to effectively harness the power of preventive care and improve patient outcomes."
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Viome Life Sciences raises $86.5M in oversubscribed Series C round (Genomeweb)
"Viome Life Sciences announced on Friday that it has raised $86.5 million in an oversubscribed Series C financing round...The funding will be used to further develop of its portfolio of personalized health tests and to support the company's expansion into nationwide retailers such as CVS."
Viome Life Sciences raises $67M in series C financing (Genomeweb)
"Viome Life Sciences said Tuesday it has raised $67 million as part of a Series C financing round, which it will use to expand research into assays targeting aggressive cancers and chronic diseases, as well as clinical validation of early-stage diagnostics and therapeutics."
Viome Life Sciences unveils CancerDetect™, the future of oral and throat cancer detection (PRNewswire)
"Viome Life Sciences, a mission-driven biotechnology company, announces the arrival of its CancerDetect™ test for oral & throat cancer, the first to launch in a series of diagnostic tests in development. This test is the first to detect biomarkers for early-stage oral and throat cancers based on technology that has received FDA Breakthrough Device Designation. CancerDetect™ is available to individuals at higher risk of developing these cancers, fulfilling an unmet need for advanced, earlier detection when it is most easy to treat. Viome's launch of the CancerDetect™ signifies a promising future for saliva-based, early cancer detection testing with Viome's advanced mRNA technology and AI-powered platform."