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Tiziana Life Sci

Other names: Tiziana Pharma Limited | Tiziana Life Sciences plc | Tiziana Therapeutics Inc. | Longevia Genomics S.r.l. | Longevia Genomics SRL | Longevia Genomics S.R.L. | Tiziana Life Sciences | Tiziana Life Sciences PLC | Tiziana Life Sciences, PLC
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AccuStem Sciences Announces Issuance of US Patent for StemPrintER Test for Patients with Breast Cancer (GlobeNewswire)
"AccuStem Sciences...announced today that the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued a new patent, No. 11,441,191, further strengthening the company’s foundation of intellectual property for its novel StemPrintER test. The patent...covers the methodology behind the 20-gene StemPrintER test which stratifies patients with early stage breast cancer according to their recurrence risk. The test is designed to measure the 'stemness' of tumors, or how much they behave like stem cells, which may indicate the likelihood of cancer progression and response to standard treatment modalities. Studies have shown that StemPrintER is highly prognostic, with 'high stemness' patients up to 4 times as likely to experience a distant recurrence as 'low stemness' patients."
StemPrintER demonstrates prognostic utility in TransATAC cohort (Tiziana Life Sciences Press Release)
"Tiziana Life Sciences Ltd.’s...former subsidiary, AccuStem Sciences, Inc...(formerly AccuStem Sciences Ltd.), today announced publication of new data in the European Journal of Cancer. Results demonstrate that StemPrintER is highly prognostic for risk of distant recurrence in women with breast cancer...The pivotal TransATAC study has been used to evaluate many of the commonly used breast cancer risk scoring assays, including OncotypeDX, Prosigna, EndoPredict and Breast Cancer Index...In this analysis, investigators demonstrated that patients with a StemPrintER Risk Score (SPRS) Low result had significantly better outcomes than patients with a SPRS High result. Patients with a SPRS Low result had a 5.8% risk of distant recurrence at 10 years versus 23.2% risk of distant recurrence in patients with a SPRS High result."
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Prosigna™ Breast Cancer Prognostic Gene Signature Assay • Breast Cancer Index® • EndoPredict® • Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score®Test • StemPrintER™
Tiziana Life Sciences plc announces plans to list Accustem Sciences Limited in the U.S. (Tiziana Life Sciences Press Release)
"Tiziana Life Sciences plc...today announced that its former subsidiary, Accustem Sciences Limited (‘Accustem’), intends to file a listing application with the Nasdaq Stock Market shortly after completion of the distribution of shares in Accustem to Tiziana Life Sciences plc shareholders. The board of directors of Accustem has resolved that the Nasdaq listing venue is more appropriate to the nature of Accustem's business."
Tiziana Life Sciences announces planned spin out of StemPrintER into a new publicly listed company, AccuStem Sciences (Tiziana Life Sciences Press Release)
"Tiziana Life Sciences plc…today announced plans for demerging its StemPrintER asset into a separate and independently listed public company, Accustem Sciences Limited…The Company will hold a shareholders meeting on October 2, 2020 to vote on the planned demerger. As part of the demerger, Tiziana will provide the new entity with $1.3M in cash...To effect the demerger, Tiziana plans to distribute a 1:1 share dividend to its shareholders with a record date of 0700 London time on October 30, 2020. Accustem Sciences will begin the process of seeking CE Mark approval in November of 2020 with anticipated commercialization in Europe in the second quarter of 2021. Subsequently, the Company also intends to seek FDA approval."
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