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Other names: Self-screen B.V. | Self-screen BV | Self-screen | Self-Screen | Self Screen
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Fujirebio Europe Expands Its Portfolio With Introduction of the Innovative PreCursor-M AnoGYN assay (RUO) for Methylation Testing in Anal Specimens (Businesswire)
"Fujirebio Europe and Self-screen B.V. today announced an expansion of their commercial collaboration with the distribution of the PreCursor-M AnoGYN methylation-specific molecular assay from Self-screen B.V. The test is intended for the detection of promoter hypermethylation of the genes ASCL1 and ZNF582 and is used to test the methylations status of anal specimens for research use only (RUO). It complements Fujirebio's HPV-associated molecular test portfolio....'The PreCursor-M AnoGYN extends our offering of HPV products into the field of anal cancer. Also in this HPV-related cancer, methylation appears to be promising for future use as an accurate biomarker for objective risk stratification of anal lesions.'"
Fujirebio Europe Receives Distribution Rights to Market Self-screen’s PreCursor-M+ Methylation-specific Molecular Assay, a Powerful Solution to Identify Women at High Risk for Cervical Cancer (Self-screen Press Release)
"Fujirebio Europe and Self-screen B.V. today announce a commercial collaboration around the distribution of the PreCursor-M+ methylation-specific molecular IVD assay from Self-screen B.V. The test is intended for the qualitative detection of elevated methylation levels of cervical cancer biomarkers and may be used as a triage follow-up test of human papillomavirus (HPV) positive women and women with ASCUS/ LSIL cytology results. It complements Fujirebio's HPV-specific molecular test portfolio."
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Precursor-M+/QIAsure Methylation Test