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Other names: Self-screen B.V. | Self-screen BV | Self-screen | Self-Screen | Self Screen
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Fujirebio Europe Receives Distribution Rights to Market Self-screen’s PreCursor-M+ Methylation-specific Molecular Assay, a Powerful Solution to Identify Women at High Risk for Cervical Cancer (Self-screen Press Release)
"Fujirebio Europe and Self-screen B.V. today announce a commercial collaboration around the distribution of the PreCursor-M+ methylation-specific molecular IVD assay from Self-screen B.V. The test is intended for the qualitative detection of elevated methylation levels of cervical cancer biomarkers and may be used as a triage follow-up test of human papillomavirus (HPV) positive women and women with ASCUS/ LSIL cytology results. It complements Fujirebio's HPV-specific molecular test portfolio."
Licensing / partnership
Precursor-M+/QIAsure Methylation Test