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SAGA Diagnostics

Other names: SAGA Diagnostics | SAGA Diagnostics AB
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SAGA Diagnostics enters into development agreement with AstraZeneca (SAGA Diagnostics Press Release)
"SAGA Diagnostics AB...has entered into an assay development agreement with the global, science-led biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca...SAGA Diagnostics will in the course of this agreement develop unique SAGAsafe® dPCR assays towards undisclosed methylated targets for analyses of tissue samples and liquid biopsies."
Licensing / partnership
Proof of concept SAGAsafe® 24-plex ultrasensitive compatibility demonstrated on naica® Prism 6 dPCR instrument (SAGA Diagnostics Press Release)
"SAGA Diagnostics AB...adapted a SAGAsafe® PIK3CA 24-plex mutation detection assay to work on Stilla Technologies’ new naica® Prism 6 system which was presented at this year’s Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) on October 14."
SAGAsafe® 24-plex PIK3CA mutation detection assay
SAGA Diagnostics raises SEK 106 million (€10.5 million) to accelerate commercialization of ultrasensitive cancer liquid biopsies (SAGA Diagnostics Press Release)
"SAGA Diagnostics AB...today announced that it has raised SEK 106 million (€10.5 million) in a Series A2 financing from both existing and new investors. The Series A2 round was led by Segulah Medical Acceleration and the Sciety investment syndicate with strong support from existing shareholders such as Hadean Ventures...Funds will now be used to extend SAGA’s range of CE-marked SAGAsafe® dPCR assays, accelerate the commercialization of SAGAsign® in minimal residual disease monitoring, launch the SAGAseq® platform, establish CLIA laboratory capabilities, execute clinical studies, and perform other expansion activities."
SAGA Diagnostics co-financed in the EU Commission’s TIGER grant of EUR 6.9 million led by eTheRNA Immunotherapies ()
"SAGA Diagnostics AB…today announces the participation in the EU H2020 funded consortium grant TIGER together with seven other partners and led by eTheRNA Immunotherapies…The €6.9 million grant is provided to deliver a proof of principle in humans for a novel best-in-class therapeutic mRNA cancer vaccine platform optimized for intravenous administration and to prepare for the next stage of development. The phase 1/2a trial will enroll patients with recurrent/metastatic Human Papilloma Virus strain 16 positive (HPV16+) cancer."