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Other names: PreciseDx | Precisedx | PRECISEDX
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PreciseDx to present on AI-enabled breast cancer grade and phenotyping assay at United States and Canadian academy of pathology (USCAP) annual meeting (PRNewswire)
"PreciseDx...announced that it will present a poster showcasing the development and validation of its AI-enabled hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) image analysis grading and phenotyping Platform to predict risk of early-stage breast cancer recurrence. Data from a retrospective development and validation study on the benefits of the Company's novel breast cancer (BC) grading and phenotyping method will be presented at the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) 112th Annual Meeting, taking place March 11 through March 16, 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana."
Clinical data
PreciseDx receives New York state approval for an AI-enabled breast diagnostic (PRNewswire)
"PreciseDx...announced that the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) has approved the PDxBr, a Lab Developed Test (LDT) designed to enrich breast cancer grading and improve risk categorization. With this approval, PreciseDx can now begin commercially testing patient samples in the state of New York through its CLIA certified laboratory."
Regulatory • Clinical
PreciseDx Breast Test
PreciseDx Announces Publication in Breast Cancer Research; Validates Its AI-Enabled Platform that Predicts Early-Stage Breast Cancer Recurrence Better than Current Industry Standard (PRNewswire)
"PreciseDx...today announced its recent publication in Breast Cancer Research, demonstrating the ability of its digital AI platform to enrich breast cancer grading and improve risk categorization....The population-based longitudinal clinical development and validation study examined more than 2,000 patients from Mount Sinai Hospital with infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the breast. Following patients retrospectively for a median of six years, the study determined the PreciseDx Platform improved risk stratification and prediction of disease recurrence over standard histologic grade and clinical features and, furthermore, demonstrated the ability to supplement molecular genomic tests."
Retrospective data
PreciseDx to collaborate with the Champalimaud Foundation to enhance current approaches of breast cancer risk assessment (PreciseDx Press Release)
"PreciseDx...announced a sponsored research collaboration with the Breast Unit of the Champalimaud Clinical Center (CCC)/Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal...As part of the research collaboration, PreciseDx and the CCC will evaluate the performance of the PreciseDx Breast Assay in predicting breast cancer recurrence and treatment choice."
Licensing / partnership
PreciseDx Breast Test
PreciseDx to present at the 2022 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (PreciseDx Press Release)
"PreciseDx...announced that it will present at the 2022 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. The poster session, 'A Novel AI-Digital Test with Automated Approach for Grading and Phenotyping Breast Cancer Enriches Recurrence Score Risk Prediction in an Oncotype Evaluated Cohort,' will highlight the results of using the PreciseDx AI-enabled risk prediction platform, when combined with Oncotype Dx recurrence scores, to enhance overall risk discrimination for recurrence in early-stage breast cancer patients."
Clinical data
PreciseDx announces new collaboration with Laboratory of Pathology at Dordrecht Albert Schweitzer Hospital (PreciseDx Press Release)
"PreciseDx...announced a collaboration with the Laboratory of Pathology at Dordrecht, Netherlands...The PreciseDx Breast Assay has been shown to function as a standalone prognostic assay capable of accurately stratifying early-stage invasive breast cancer into low risk and high-risk likelihood of recurrence within 6 years of primary diagnosis."
Licensing / partnership
PreciseDx to present at the 13th European Breast Cancer Conference (PreciseDx Press Release)
"PreciseDx...announced that it will present at the 13th European Breast Cancer Conference. The poster session, 'Development and Validation of a Digital-Artificial Intelligent (AI) Enabled Assay to Predict Early-Stage Breast Cancer Recurrence,' will highlight the results of a novel AI-enabled algorithm, using H&E-stained breast cancer slides and digitized scans, to successfully predict breast cancer recurrence within 6 years of initial diagnosis."
Clinical data
PreciseDx raises $10.75M in Series A round (Precision Oncology News)
"PreciseDx, a developer of cancer risk stratification tests, said on Tuesday that it has raised $10.75 million in a Series A preferred financing round...PreciseDx said it will use the money for the continued development and commercialization of its artificial intelligence-based cancer risk stratification technology, which combines tissue-derived morphology information with clinical data to create patient-specific risk profiles that include predicted outcomes, assigned risk for disease progression and recurrence, and recommendations for patient management."