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Other names: Owkin | OWKIN
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Nature Medicine publishes breakthrough Owkin research on the first ever use of federated learning to train deep learning models on multiple hospitals’ histopathology data (Owkin Press Release)
"In research published in Nature Medicine today, AI biotech company Owkin has demonstrated for the first time that federated learning (FL) can be used to train deep learning models on data from multiple hospitals on histopathology data without the data leaving hospital firewalls...Using data kept within four leading French hospitals, Owkin built AI models that can accurately predict the future response of triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) patients to neoadjuvant chemotherapy."
Clinical data
Owkin collaborates with Stanford Medicine on lung cancer and mesothelioma treatment research using AI (Owkin Press Release)
"Owkin...is collaborating with Stanford Medicine on research to improve the treatment of lung cancer and mesothelioma...Using Stanford Medicine’s multimodal patient data, including molecular data, the research aims to discover new biomarkers to improve the development of new treatments. It also aims to further the understanding of treatment-resistance mechanisms and identify potential treatment targets. Owkin, who is sponsoring the research, is contributing its expertise in AI to the study."
Licensing / partnership
Owkin showcases five AI abstracts at ESMO, including how deep learning can predict KRAS from H&E slides with Amgen and Bergonie (Owkin Press Release)
"Five ground-breaking artificial intelligence biology research abstracts led by AI biotech Owkin have been published by ESMO ahead of its 2022 Congress...The obtained results showed the ability of RlapsRisk to generalize on independent data and thus endorse the soundness of the method. Furthermore, additional analysis brings to light the clinical value of RlapsRisk and that it could be used for therapeutic de-escalation purposes."
Clinical data
MSIntuit™ CRC • RlapsRisk™ BC
Two first-in-class AI diagnostic solutions for breast cancer and colorectal cancer developed by Owkin are approved for use in Europe (Owkin Press Release)
"Artificial intelligence (AI) biotech company Owkin...announced that two first-in-class rapid, affordable AI-based diagnostic solutions designed to improve outcomes for patients with breast cancer and colorectal cancer have been approved for use in Europe...Owkin Dx RlapsRisk™ BC and Owkin Dx MSIntuit™ CRC have received CE-IVD approval for diagnostic use in the European Union. By using AI to analyze digital pathology images, they are designed to help clinicians make precision medicine – diagnostic and treatment based on a patient's individual characteristics – more accessible to more patients at an earlier stage of their disease."
European regulatory
MSIntuit™ CRC • RlapsRisk™ BC