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Other names: Oncgnostics GmbH
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Molecular biological cancer diagnostics close gaps in cancer screening (Oncgnostics Press Release)
"oncgnostics GmbH will present its molecular biological cancer diagnostics, its products and current study results at MEDICA, the largest trade fair in the medical industry. Oncgnostics develops patented, highly informative biomarkers. This technology improves existing cervical cancer diagnostics and also, using liquid biopsy, lays the foundation for early detection of head and neck tumours."
Clinical data
Hong Kong firm invests in jena-based Oncgnostics GmbH (Oncgnostics Press Release)
"The Hong Kong-based company Grande Bio-tech Co. Ltd. is making a seven-digit Euros investment in the Jena-based diagnostic company Oncgnostics GmbH. Oncgnostics has developed the cancer diagnostic Gyntect for the reliable detection of cervical cancer...Following the successful launch of Oncgnostics’ test in China, Grande Bio-tech Co. Ltd. has decided to make a financial commitment. The goal now is to expand the distribution of tests developed by Oncgnostics in the ASEAN countries."
Financing • Commercial
German oncgnostics GmbH‘s innovation in the area of cervical cancer diagnostics now also available in China (Oncgnostics Press Release)
"The cervical cancer screening test GynTect is now available to physicians and patients in China, the world’s most populous country. The product is the first approved methylation test for triage of HPV-positive cases in China...The molecular biological test GynTect developed by oncgnostics clarifies early on whether a patient with an abnormal finding after undergoing cervical cancer screening has a predisposition for or already has cervical carcinoma (cervical cancer), resulting in the need for prompt treatment."
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