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Other names: MiRXES | MiRXES Pte Ltd
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MiRxes, PT Elion to develop cancer tests for Indonesian population (Genomeweb)
"Singaporean biotechnology firm MiRxes said on Tuesday that it has reached an agreement with PT Elion Medika Indonesia to develop blood-based tests for the early detection of multiple cancers for the Indonesian market...As part of the arrangement, PT Elion will validate MiRxes' microRNA-based tests for stomach and lung cancer in an Indonesian cohort. The two companies have also established a joint project for creating a multi-cancer blood test based on miRNA and DNA methylation biomarkers found in Indonesian cancer patients."
Licensing / partnership
MirXes, Singapore Healthcare organizations partner to develop multi-cancer early detection test (Genomeweb)
"MirXes...said on Thursday it has signed a memorandum of understanding with several Singapore universities and hospitals to launch a study of circulating microRNA and DNA methylation biomarkers for multi-cancer early detection...Under Project CADENCE (cancer detected early can be cured), the partners plan to discover and validate methylation biomarkers to develop a blood-based test for up to nine cancer types, including lung, breast, colorectal, liver, and pancreatic cancer."
Licensing / partnership
MiRxes raises $77M in Series C Round to speed progress of early cancer detection tests (Genomeweb)
"Early cancer detection diagnostic firm MiRxes announced on Thursday that it has raised $77 million in a Series C financing round.....MiRxes will also use the funding from its Series C round to accelerate regulatory approval and adoption of its GastroClear gastric cancer test in China and Japan, as well as in select other countries that have high rates of gastric cancer. The company is launching a prospective clinical trial with 12,000 patients to receive registration of GastroClear as a screening test with China's National Medical Products Administration."
GASTROClear Test