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Luye Group

Other names: GeneLeap | Yantai Patronus Biotech | Yantai Patronus Biotech Co., Ltd. | Yantai Patronus Biotech Co., Ltd | Yantai Patronus Biotech Co. Ltd. | Yantai Patronus Biotech Co. Ltd | Luye Pharma | Luye Pharma Group | Nanjing Luye Sike Pharma | Nanjing Sike Pharma | Sichuan Baoguang Pharma | Luye Group Ltd | Vela Diagnostics | Luye Life Sciences Group | Luye Pharma USA Ltd. | Luye Pharma Group Ltd | Luye Pharma Group Ltd. | Sichuan Baoguang Pharmaceutical | Sichuan BAOGUANG Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. | Sichuan BAOGUANG Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. | Nanjing Luye Sike Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. | Nanjing Luye Sike Pharmaceutical | Nanjing Luye Sike Pharmaceutical Co Ltd | Vela Diagnostics Pte. Ltd. | Boan Biotech
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Eurobio Scientific to distribute Vela Diagnostics products in UK, Europe (Genomeweb)
"Vela Diagnostics said this week that it has inked an agreement with Eurobio Scientific to distribute Vela's products in the UK and in Europe...The deal includes Eurobio Scientific UK and other companies within the Eurobio Scientific Group in Germany, the Benelux countries, and France, Vela said in a statement."
Licensing / partnership
Vela Diagnostics launches focused (60 genes) and comprehensive (525 genes) NGS-based pan-cancer panels (VelaDx Press Release)
"Vela Diagnostics announced today the launch of its new OncoKey® SL 60 and 525 Plus Panels. These next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based panels are intended for detection of DNA and RNA cancer biomarkers from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue specimens, for up to 64 samples in a single sequencing run."
OncoKey™ SL 525 Plus Assay • OncoKey™ SL 60 Plus Assay