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Genomic Testing Cooperative

Other names: Genomic Testing Cooperative | Genomic Testing Cooperative (GTC)
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In Move to Power Precision Oncology for Patients, COTA and Genomic Testing Cooperative Form New Data Partnership (Businesswire)
"COTA, Inc...announced a new partnership with Genomic Testing Cooperative (GTC), a molecular testing company. The two companies are joining forces to integrate COTA’s deep clinical oncology real-world data with GTC’s comprehensive genomics testing data. This strategic and oncology-specific partnership, grounded in deep comprehensive clinical data, will support more precise, personalized cancer research particularly across early discovery and translational epidemiology functions....This latest partnership builds on COTA’s recent announcement with the Clinical Research Data Sharing Alliance (CRDSA) and its broader focus on bringing clarity to cancer care."
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Genomic Testing Cooperative to present data at the American Society of Hematology meeting on new applications of its proprietary tests that combine transcriptome data obtained from tissue or liquid biopsies with machine learning (Genomic Testing Cooperative Press Release)
"Genomic Testing Cooperative, LCA (GTC) announced the presentation of four innovative studies at the annual American Society of Hematology (ASH) meeting that will be held from December 10 to 13, 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana...GTC continues to demonstrate the superior capabilities of their new cell-free (cfDNA) and cell-free RNA (cfRNA) liquid biopsy test called Liquid Trace."
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Liquid Trace™
Genomic Testing Cooperative implementing AI, molecular profiling to improve cancer diagnosis (Genomic Testing Cooperative Press Release)
"With the publication of a paper validating two artificial intelligence-based algorithms for assisting pathologists in molecular profiling of patients, the Genomic Testing Cooperative (GTC) is fully implementing the technology at all of its member laboratories...The primary algorithm, called RNAnalysis, generates probability scores to help clinicians distinguish between 45 classes of diagnostics. A second algorithm, TraceWork, goes deeper into the data whenever RNAnalysis produces similar high probability scores for more than one diagnostic class."
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HALO Diagnostics and Genomic Testing Cooperative partner to advance early cancer detection and precision diagnostics (Genomic Testing Cooperative Press Release)
"HALO Diagnostics, a precision diagnostics leader, has joined forces with the Genomic Testing Cooperative (GTC) to offer innovative, personalized testing to its physician network and 1M+ patients served. This solution combines HALO Diagnostics’ clinical ensemble and image-guided therapies with GTC’s genomic profiling of a patient’s DNA / RNA using liquid biopsy and tissue samples. Together, the companies will help patients on every step of their unique healthcare journey – from detection and diagnosis to prognosis and treatment."
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Genomic Testing Cooperative to reveal “Liquid Trace™” at ASCO, a liquid biopsy test that combines cell-free dna with targeted transcriptome and to present data on its advanced AI for the diagnosis of hematologic and solid tumors (Genomic Testing Cooperative Press Release)
"Genomic Testing Cooperative, LCA (GTC) announced that it will be presenting at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2022 annual meeting data showcasing its new innovative approach to liquid biopsy testing that combines both cell-free-DNA (cfDNA) with cell-free RNA (cfRNA), Liquid Trace™. Liquid Trace tests both cfDNA and cfRNA not only improves sensitivity of the liquid biopsy but also provides transcriptome data that is enriched by various tumor markers (CA125, CA 15-3, CEA, etc) and makes it possible to perform liquid immunoprofiling by evaluating levels of CD19, CD20, CD33, CD4, CD8, etc."
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Liquid Trace™
Genomic Testing Cooperative Hematology Profile Plus, Solid Tumor Profile Plus, and Liquid Biopsy Profiles Receive CE-IVD Mark (Genomic Testing Cooperative Press Release)
"Genomic Testing Cooperative (GTC) today announced it received CE-IVD marks for its Hematology Profile Plus, Solid Tumor Plus as well as its liquid biopsy profiles for both solid tumors and hematology that are designed to provide a wide range of clinically actionable insights about a patient’s tumor."
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Hematology Profile Plus • Liquid Biopsy Hematology Profile • Liquid Biopsy Solid Tumor • Solid Tumor Profile Plus