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Diatech Pharmacogenetics

Other names: Diatech Pharmacogenetics | diatech pharmacogenetics | Diatech Pharmacogenetics srl | Diatech Pharmacogenetics SRL | Diatech Pharmacogenetics S.R.L.
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Revna Biosciences advances cancer research, adding to previous Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approvals (African Business)
"Revna Biosciences...is making strides in its mission to address unmet needs in cancer care. The company announced that data from its ongoing Ghana FDA-mandated cancer clinical research covering solid and blood cancers has begun supporting product registration...In collaboration with precision medicine leader Diatech Pharmacogenetics, RevnaBio is addressing patients’ needs today for improved diagnostics and treatment options in future. The company’s approach uses Diatech’s EasyPGX & the Myriapod platforms, which provide qPCR IVD and NGS tests, the most comprehensive solutions for cancer precision medicine – a first in West Africa."
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Diatech Pharmacogenetics Announces New Collaboration to Advance Precision Testing in Oncology (Businesswire)
"Diatech Pharmacogenetics ('Diatech') has established a collaboration agreement with Janssen Pharmaceutica NV with the aim of improving access to precision medicine for patients with bladder cancer."
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