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C2i Genomics

Other names: C2i Genomics
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C2i Genomics, Riken Genesis expand AI-powered cancer detection technology across Japan (Biospectrumasia)
"US-headquartered startup C2i Genomics has announced a collaboration with Riken Genesis (RG) Co. to bring minimal residual disease (MRD) cancer monitoring to Japan for pharmaceutical and clinical research...Under this agreement, RG will work with C2i Genomics to commercialise its C2intelligence cloud-based platform and the C2inform MRD test for pharmaceutical and clinical research and eventually for commercial clinical testing in Japan."
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C2inform test
AstraZeneca to evaluate C2i Genomics' cancer detection, monitoring platform (Precision Oncology News)
"AstraZeneca will evaluate C2i Genomics' whole-genome minimal residual disease assay and cancer-monitoring platform for use in clinical research and drug development efforts, the companies announced Thursday...The agreement is an extension of a previous collaboration in which the companies evaluated C2i Genomics' minimal residual disease (MRD) test across multiple solid cancers using artificially generated samples. The test was able to detect circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), which was present at varying levels in the samples, down to 0.002 percent allelic frequency, the firms said."
C2inform test
C2i Genomics, Karkinos Healthcare partner for cancer care (BioSpectrum India)
"C2i Genomics, a cancer intelligence company, announced a strategic partnership with Karkinos Healthcare, a technology-led managed care platform for cancer, to co-develop the minimal residual disease (MRD) market in India. The partnership enables C2i Genomics to bring innovative cancer detection technology to drive R&D, future pharma partnerships and clinical use in India and supports the company’s long-term goals to scale pharma R&D projects around the globe...The partnership will expand MRD monitoring within the Karkinos’ health system and its partners using the C2i Genomics’ ultrasensitive whole-genome analysis."
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C2i Genomics launches C2inform MRD test to bring distributed cancer monitoring to cancer centers across Europe (Webwire)
"C2i Genomics...announced it has launched its C2inform minimal residual disease (MRD) test across Europe after obtaining CE-IVD marking in the EU and UK. The company also announced the completion of several clinical trials across the globe, including leading cancer centers in Europe, U.S. and Singapore."
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C2inform test
C2i Genomics partners with OncoDNA to bring AI-powered liquid biopsy for cancer diagnostics across Europe (OncoDNA Press Release)
"C2i Genomics...announced expansion into Europe through a strategic partnership with OncoDNA, a genomic and theranostic company specializing in precision medicine for the treatment of patients with cancer and genetic diseases. With entities based in Belgium, France, Spain and the UK, OncoDNA has built an outstanding network of cancer clinicians-researchers across Europe. The company will act as a primary lab partner, operating C2i’s whole-genome sequencing (WGS) and minimal-residual disease (MRD) cancer monitoring platform for European clinical research projects."
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C2i Genomics expands AI-powered cancer detection and monitoring capabilities in US and China through partnership with NuProbe (NuProbe Press Release)
"C2i Genomics...today announced its technology co-development and expansion into China via a strategic partnership with NuProbe Global, a genomics and molecular diagnostics company specializing in ultrasensitive sequencing panels. The strategic alliance will power high-impact pharmaceutical and diagnostic services, leveraging C2i Genomics’ artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cancer intelligence platform across NuProbe’s chemistry products and sequencing networks in both China and the United States...As part of this collaboration, NuProbe and C2i will engage in the co-development of chemistry and software products that will expand the traditional whole-genome library preparation to include additional signal enrichment for cancer hotspots, Microsatellite instability (MSI) and fusions."
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