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Biomark Diagnostics

Other names: Biomark | Biomark Diagnostics | BioMark Diagnostics Inc. | BioMark Diagnostics Inc
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Biomark announces update from ongoing clinical trial using its lung cancer liquid biopsy test as it prepares for commercial launch (BioMark Diagnostics Press Release)
"BioMark Diagnostics Inc...is pleased to announce several updates from ongoing clinical trial using the Company’s liquid biopsy test for early cancer detection and monitoring of lung cancer...As clinical trial success relies on effective patient recruitment, BioMark is delighted to announced today that enrollment for its pivotal lung cancer screening study exceeded 1000 participants in less than one year."
Clinical data
Liquid Biopsy Metabolic Panel
The US Patent office grants Biomark additional patent for its liquid biopsy technology (BioMark Diagnostics Press Release)
"BioMark Diagnostics Inc...announce today that the US Patent Office (USPTO) has granted BioMark patent number US 11,447,168 that covers a novel approach to diagnosing and measuring treatment response for various forms of hard to detect and treat cancer. The technology can also be used as a surveillance tool for recurring disease. BioMark is currently pursuing two clinical trials using this liquid biopsy platform that can improve identification and assessing response to treatment for patients with lung cancer and glioblastoma."
BioMark Diagnostics, Icahn Mount Sinai to develop multiomic lung cancer tests (Genomeweb)
"BioMark Diagnostics will work with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York to develop early-stage lung cancer diagnostics, BioMark said on Tuesday...Vancouver, Canada-based BioMark is developing a multiomic liquid biopsy assay for the early detection and screening of lung cancer, and will take part in clinical studies with Icahn Mount Sinai to study at-risk populations with its plasma biomarkers and machine-learning tools...The partners also aim to develop a test for determining lung cancer subtype and stage using circulating tumor cells and metabolomics."
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