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Culmination Bio partners with BillionToOne to drive diagnostic solutions in oncology (Webwire)
"Culmination Bio...announced a partnership with BillionToOne, Inc. Culmination Bio and BillionToOne are working together to leverage their respective strengths in order to facilitate the development and validation of robust and impactful oncology diagnostics."
Licensing / partnership
Northstar Response™ • Northstar Select™
BillionToOne appoints Dr. Gary Palmer as Chief Medical Officer, Oncology; launches Northstar Select™ and Northstar Response™ Liquid Biopsy Assays for commercial use (BillionToOne Press Release)
"BillionToOne...is excited to announce...the launch of its Northstar liquid biopsy assays for commercial use...The Northstar liquid biopsy assays are available now for patients with late stage (III/IV) solid tumors. They have been uniquely developed to work together. Northstar Select is an 81-gene next generation sequencing (NGS)-based panel to guide therapy selection...Northstar Response is designed to help clinicians understand if a patient is responding to therapy."
Northstar Response™ • Northstar Select™
BillionToOne launches oncology liquid biopsy products for research use & announces clinical research collaboration with UCSD (PRNewswire)
"BillionToOne, Inc...announces the launch of its first oncology liquid biopsy products, Northstar Select™ and Northstar Response™....Today, BillionToOne also announced that it has entered a research collaboration partnership with University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Northstar Select and Northstar Response will be evaluated using late-stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patient samples....BillionToOne is conducting additional clinical studies with other academic cancer centers on different cancer types and is expected to launch the commercial versions of Northstar Select and Northstar Response for clinical use in Q1 2023."
Licensing / partnership • Launch
Northstar Response™ • Northstar Select™