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APIS Assay Techno

Other names: APIS Assay Techno | APIS Assay Technologies
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Press release Biocartis Group NV: Biocartis and APIS Assay Technologies Sign Collaboration to Develop and Commercialise a Breast Cancer Subtyping Test on the Idylla platform (GlobeNewswire)
"Biocartis Group NV...and APIS Assay Technologies Ltd...announce that they have entered into a new partnership agreement which targets the development of APIS’ Breast Cancer Subtyping assay on Biocartis’ rapid and easy-to-use molecular diagnostics platform Idylla™....Under the terms of the partnership agreement, APIS will lead the development of the Breast Cancer Subtyping test on Idylla™, while Biocartis will lead the commercialisation through its growing Idylla™ network."
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APIS Breast Cancer Subtyping Kit