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SQSTM1-NTRK1 fusion

Other names: NRG1, GGF, HGL, HRG, NDF, NRG1-IT2, Neuregulin 1, Heregulin, SQSTM1, Sequestosome 1, Phosphotyrosine-Independent Ligand For The Lck SH2 Domain Of 62 KDa, EBI3-Associated Protein Of 60 KDa, Ubiquitin-Binding Protein P62, Oxidative Stress Induced Like, Autophagy Receptor P62, Sequestosome-1, EBIAP, P60, Phosphotyrosine Independent Ligand For The Lck SH2 Domain P62, EBI3-Associated Protein P60, Paget Disease Of Bone, FTDALS3, NADGP, A170, P62B, PDB3, P62
Entrez ID: