SLC3A2-NRG1 fusion
Other names: NRG1, GGF, HGL, HRG, NDF, NRG1-IT2, Neuregulin 1, Heregulin, SLC3A2, Solute Carrier Family 3 Member, Lymphocyte Activation Antigen 4F2 Large Subunit, 4F2 Cell-Surface Antigen Heavy Chain, Solute Carrier Family 3 (Activators Of Dibasic And Neutral Amino Acid Transport), Member 2, Antigen Identified By Monoclonal Antibodies 4F2, TRA1.10, TROP4, And T43, Solute Carrier Family 3 (Amino Acid Transporter Heavy Chain), Member, Monoclonal Antibody 44D7, CD98 Heavy Chain, MDU1, Antigen Defined By Monoclo
Entrez ID:
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