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PSMA1 expression

Other names: PSMA1, Proteasome 20S Subunit Alpha 1, PROS30, HC2, NU, Proteasome (Prosome, Macropain) Subunit, Alpha Type, 1, Multicatalytic Endopeptidase Complex Subunit C2, Proteasome Subunit Alpha Type-1, Proteasome Subunit Alpha 1, 30 KDa Prosomal Protein, Proteasome Component C2, Macropain Subunit C2, Proteasome Nu Chain, PROS-30, Epididymis Secretory Protein Li 275, Proteasome Subunit, Alpha-Type, 1, Testicular Tissue Protein Li 150, Proteasome Subunit Alpha 6, Proteasome Subunit Α6, Proteasome Subunit Nu, Macropain Subunit Nu, Protein P30-33K, HEL-S-275, MGC14542, MGC14575, MGC14751, MGC21459, MGC22853, MGC23915, MGC1667, PSC2
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