FGF3 amplification + HRAS Q61R + TP53 672+2T>G
Other names: TP53, Tumor Protein P53, Cellular Tumor Antigen P53, Phosphoprotein P53, Tumor Protein P53, Antigen NY-CO-13, Transformation-Related Protein 53, Mutant Tumor Protein 53, P53 Tumor Suppressor, Tumor Suppressor P53, Tumor Protein 53, BMFS5, TRP53, BCC7, LFS1, FGF3, Fibroblast Growth Factor 3, V-INT2 Murine Mammary Tumor Virus Integration Site Oncogene Homolog, Murine Mammary Tumor Virus Integration Site 2, Heparin-Binding Growth Factor 3, INT-2 Proto-Oncogene Protein, Proto-Oncogene Int-2, Oncogen
Entrez ID:
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