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CETN2 overexpression + MLH3 overexpression + PCNA overexpression + HR positive

Other names: CETN2, Centrin 2, CEN2, CALT, Centrin, EF-Hand Protein, 2, Centrin-2, Caltractin (20kD Calcium-Binding Protein), Caltractin Isoform 1, MLH3, MutL Homolog 3, DNA Mismatch Repair Protein Mlh3, MutL (E. Coli) Homolog 3, MutL Homolog 3 (E. Coli), MutL Protein Homolog 3, HNPCC7, PCNA, Proliferating cell nuclear antigen ESR1, Era, ESR, NR3A1, ER, ER beta, PGR, Progesterone receptor, Nuclear receptor subfamily 3 group C member 3, NR3C3
Entrez ID: