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CD8 underexpression + HAVCR2 overexpression

Other names: CD8, CD8A, cluster of differentiation 8, CD8a Molecule, T-Cell Surface Glycoprotein CD8 Alpha Chain, T-Lymphocyte Differentiation Antigen T8/Leu-2, CD8 Antigen, Alpha Polypeptide (P32), Leu2 T-Lymphocyte Antigen, OKT8 T-Cell Antigen, T-Cell Antigen Leu2, T Cell Co-Receptor, T8 T-Cell Antigen, CD8a Antigen, HAVCR2, Hepatitis A Virus Cellular Receptor 2, T-Cell Immunoglobulin And Mucin Domain-Containing Protein 3, T-Cell Immunoglobulin Mucin Family Member 3, T-Cell Immunoglobulin Mucin Receptor 3, T-Cell Membrane Protein 3, HAVcr-2, TIMD-3, TIMD3, TIM3, T Cell Immunoglobulin Mucin 3,Kidney Injury Molecule-3, CD366 Antigen, CD366, KIM-3, SPTCL, Tim-3, TIM-3
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