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Sensitive: C3 – Early Trials

Sitravatinib demonstrates activity in patients with novel genetic alterations that inactivate CBL

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105 pts (57 men/48 women; median age 67 years; range 36-84) with advanced solid tumors were enrolled in Phase1b cohorts, including 12 pts with malignancies harboring inactivating genetic alterations in CBL, comprising single nucleotide variants in the RING domain and indels compromising the coding region. Two partial responses (PR) were observed among the first 8 evaluable pts (melanoma 2; NSCLC 2; sarcoma 2; other 2) in Stage 1, which met criteria for enrollment of 16 additional evaluable pts for Stage 2. Confirmed PRs were observed in NSCLC (1/2) and melanoma (1/2) with response durations over 4 months for both...Further evaluation of sitravatinib in NSCLC, melanoma, and other tumors is ongoing, and testing for CBL mutations may be warranted.
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