BRCA2 deletion + RB1 deletion
Other names: BRCA2, BRCC2, FACD, FAD, FAD1, FANCD, FANCD1, Breast cancer 2, early onset, RB1, RB Transcriptional Corepressor 1, Protein Phosphatase 1 Regulatory Subunit 130, Prepro-Retinoblastoma-Associated Protein, Retinoblastoma-Associated Protein, Retinoblastoma 1, P110-RB1, P105-Rb, Pp110, PRb, Exon 17 Tumor GOS561 Substitution Mutation Causes Premature Stop, GOS563 Exon 17 Substitution Mutation Causes Premature Stop, Retinoblastoma Suspectibility Protein, Osteosarcoma, PPP1R130, OSRC, RB, Rb, pRb
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